Photo: Per Maning
World premiere at Stockholms stadsteater on 26 April 2014
Director: Eirik Stubø
"Indeed, Eirik Stubø's production makes deft use of powerful light and shade. Ellen Ruge's astonishing lighting design sees a tide of light gradually ebb and flow imperceptibly across the stage, echoing the coastal desolation perceptible in Lygre's play." More>>
the guardian, 8. may 2014
The WILD DUCK - Ibsen
Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York. OBIE AWARD - The Village Voice
Director: Eirik Stubø

- The Real coup of this production, though, the visual metaphor for the way it mixes human warmth and terrible, metaphysical cold, lies in Ellen Ruges masterful lighting.  In a time when we are most suspicious of ideologies, when the Gregers Werles of the world have the weaklings so securely in their grasp, her unforgiving use of light would have made even Ibsen blink.
The New Sun, New York 30. october 2006
Ellen Ruge, born in Oslo, Norway 1960. Living in Stockholm, Sweden since 1982. 
Lightdesign for Opera, Theatre, Dance and Exhibitions.
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