Jeg forsvinner - Arne Lygre
Norgespremiere 24 august på Nationaltheatret, Oslo.
Regi: Eirik Stubø
Scenografi och kostym: Kari Gravklev
Skuespillere: Gisken Armand, Laila Goody, Stine Mari Fyrileiv, Eindride Eidsvold
Fotograf: Erik Berg





Lygre’s international breakthrough
I disappear was first shown in Paris, October 2011, at Thèâtre de la Colline, one of France’sfive national theatres. French reviewersclaimed that not onlyhad Norway, that strange, little country in the north, come up with a new playwright to match Ibsen and Fosse, but his play representedsomething new entirely. –Lygre’sname is on everyone’s lips, says his Swedish publisher, Berit Gullberg.
In I disappear, you meettwowomen who are friends, one of the women’s husband and the otherwoman’sdaughter. They’reliving in a time of a major crisis, the nature of which is not madeclear, but this is not as important as the characters’ conversations, ponderings, memories and internalmonologues.
The narrative drive followsonewoman’smonologue. Sheconstantlyadds new “realities” which the otherscanchoose to accept – or not. Theycanjoin the journey to the island of hope – or stayput. A central theme is sharedexperience. Is it possible to shareanotherperson’sexperience of reality? Is it possible to feeltruesympathy?
I disappear is a frightening and thoughtprovoking play with a hint of thriller. Wefindourselvesbetweeneveryday life and judgement day, life and death. And in the middle of it all, wefindourselvessmiling.
“To live the same experience is impossible.”